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7 San Diego Burritos make TheDailyMeal.com’s top 50 list

Best Burritos

TheDailyMeal.com recently compiled a list of the 50 best burritos nationwide and San Diego made the list 7 times.

From the article:

In order to compile our ranking, we looked at burritos from all across the country and applied several strict criteria: Are all the ingredients fresh? Is there a good selection of meats and add-ons? Can you customize your order, right down to the amount of crema? Is it renowned by critics and locals alike in its city? When you drive up to this place, does your mouth immediately start to water, forcing you to impulsively pull over and, before you know it, you’re diving face-first into the burrito of your dreams? Yeah, those are the burritos we’re looking for. There are few foods quite as satisfying as a well-made burrito, and these 50 restaurants do it better than anyone else.

Of those seven, two are right in Ocean Beach:

#5: the Carne Asada Burrito at Nico’s on Newport Ave. 


#8: the California Burrito at Ortiz’s Taco Shop up Voltaire Street

The remaining five throughout the rest of San Diego:

#21: the Lobster Burrito at El Zarape in University Heights

#24 the Tsunami Burrito at Lolita’s in San Diego in Clairemont Mesa

#27 the Surf & Turf at Lucha Libre in Mission Hills

#34 the Carne Asada at La Perla Cocina Mexicana in Pacific Beach


#47 the Carne Asada at Taco Surf in Pacific Beach

Natalie was hoping to see her favorite type of burrito make the list: a Machaca Burrito, available just up Voltaire Street at the original Roberto’s Taco Shop

I’m partial to mission style burritos covered in Green Sauce myself.

Let us know which of these is your favorite?



Kids Free all October long

Kids Free Octobers in San Diego

All October long kids receive free entrance to nearly all of San Diego’s great attractions including the World Famous San Diego Zoo, LEGOLand California, the Birch Aquarium and the Midway Museum. This is a great time to visit as a family and save some serious money on entrance into all of San Diego’s amusement parks and museums. Many restaurants also honor Kids Free Octobers and provide free meals for families dining out. This program has been going on in San Diego for over 30 years now.

Check out the San Diego Kids Free page for details on over 100 activities and book your stay now!

Getting around San Diego has never been easier

Lime Scooters San Diego Scooter Rentals

Several mobility options arrived in San Diego seemingly overnight. To the surprise of many communities, bike and scooter rentals suddenly appeared on sidewalks throughout the city. These are now on nearly every corner, making getting around a breeze. Whether their unbelievable low pricing will remain past their introduction to our fine city or not remains to be seen, but for now LimeBike, Ofo Bike, Lime Scooters and Bird Scooters are keeping people happily moving.


Lime Bike & Ofo Bike

LimeBike San Diego Bike Rentals

Green or Yellow? Either is fine for this Brazilian. Colorful and easy to spot, to use either of these bike rentals you download the app, register an account and add a credit card. The bikes use bluetooth to communicate the authorization with your phone and unlock the bike to start your trip. If there’s an issue with the bluetooth unlock it will give you an authorization code to input on the bike. Tell the app when you’re done with your trip and make sure to engage the lock to end it. It really couldn’t be easier.

Bird & Lime Scooters

Lime Scooters San Diego Scooter Rentals
Credit: LimeBike

Both of San Diego’s electric scooters get folks around quickly without much effort. Why peddle when you can stand? Be sure to follow all traffic laws and be careful of pedestrians.

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The best farmer’s market in San Diego is in Ocean Beach

farmer's market

Every Wednesday evening without fail the Ocean Beach Street Fair lines through the middle of Newport Avenue drawing crowds from all over the city. At the market there are the usual offerings, locally grown fruits and vegetables, some exotic varieties and a great selection of tasty pop up dinner options. Some of my favorites being the Indian food, the Barbeque-mashed-potato cup and the biggest slices of pizza you’ve ever seen. Always on hand, always on Wednesdays.