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Ocean Beach & The Peninsula's Best Beaches

Ocean Beach, San Diego
Sunset in OB

Avalanche Beach

The closest beach to our homes, this is a favorite for families. Avalanche is the beach just south of Tower 5. With a break generally further out, where the water meets the sand ends up being a shallow, safe place for kids to dig holes, build sand castles and splash around in the foam or even boogie board. 

Dog Beach

Dog Beach, San Diego

The original Dog Beach sits North of Tower 5 where the San Diego River meets the ocean and provides a curved water line for humans and canines alike to enjoy. Ocean Beach is well known for its love of Dogs and this beach proves it with year-long off-leash access for our furry friends.

"No Surf" Beach

If you continue South past the cliffs beyond the pier you’ll find a small, steep path that leads to “No Surf” Beach. This beach is generally not crowded except for hot weekend days and can be a challenge to reach but it’s mostly protected from the bigger swells because of its cove shape.

Exploring the Tide Pools

Tide Pools Ocean Beach

At low tide the tide pools South of the pier become accessible by foot. Many wander out to see what sea life has stayed behind. Crabs, starfish, aenomea and sometime Octopus are visible within the pools. Remember that nature is best observed and while there aren’t many dangerous critters here please remind your kids that not everything in the ocean is safe to touch.

The Ocean Beach Pier

The view from one end of our "Y" shaped pier

Ocean Beach is home to the longest concrete pier in the world, largely due to its peculiar “Y” shape. The pier is generally open to walk to the end of where you’ll find plenty of fishermen and others enjoying the views of surfers, passing boats and sometimes sea life.